Catacombs 3E Card Upgrade Pack

Elzra Games

Catacombs 3E Card Upgrade Pack

This is the latest set of 140 cards for the Catacombs 3E base game.

These cards are included with the following products, so there is no need to buy them again:

  • Catacombs 3E third printing (retail version)
  • Catacombs KS Playmat PLUS Version
  • Catacombs KS Playmat WYLDLANDS Version
  • Catacombs KS Playmat BASE Version

The only reason to buy these cards is if you:

1. own a previous printing of Catacombs 3E and want the latest base game cards.

2. backed the SIX PLAYMATS upgrade version during our Kickstarter campaign

3. ordered one of the few remaining copies of the Catacombs KS Playmat UPGRADE Version from


$10.00 USD