About Us

Elzra is the publisher of the award winning Catacombs line of innovative, fantasy, dexterity based table top games.  

Catacombs, now in its third edition, is our flagship dexterity based dungeon crawl, which has won several industry awards and recommendations including the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

The first edition of Catacombs was published in 2010 and sold out within a few months winning a Golden Geek award from BoardGameGeek.com for most innovative game, an award from the Dice Tower and was Geek Dad's Game of the Year for 2011.

The third edition was launched on Kickstarter in 2015 with brand new artwork by  unknown (at that time) illustrator Kwanchai Moriya. With the success of Catacombs 3e and the game's underlying Dexterity Game System, Elzra launched the Kickstarter campaign for Catacombs & Castles in 2016, a new game that pits teams of heroes against each other. This game also received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

In addition to these standalone games, several expansions have been released including Cavern of Soloth, the Resurrection Packs, Siege Defender and the new Wyerns of Wylemuir.

We are small, family run business and developing Catacombs is our fulltime job! Ordering directly from our online shop really helps support us and we sincerely appreciate it.

  • Aron West - Lead Game Designer, Owner
  • Phil West - Chief Financial Officer
  • Una West - Quality Assurance
  • Hiba Yokhana - Operations Manager, Customer Support
  • Jordan Silvestri - Lead Graphic Designer, Webmaster
  • Hank Raab - Warehouse Operations

Orders from our e-commerce site, the Catacombs Shop, ship from our warehouse based in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Company Twitter feed: @elzragames 

Product Specific Twitter feed: @catacombsgame

Facebook:  Facebook.com/elzragames

Website: Elzra.com